Post FB Tahun Baru Panjang

by - December 31, 2011

Haha , Azhunk tak percaya tetibe rase nak buat post panjang sangat ! Jom kite tengok ;D Azhunk takleh Printscreen sebab tak muat =D

ReQuote : Azhunk Awang

For me, this year is the most meaningful year. I've learned a lot of things either goodness or otherwise. Things that I've learned had helped me to continuing living and keep struggling for my success in the future and Hereafter. Anyway, Thanks to Allah, without him, I'm nothing and I'm really sure I wouldn't pass His conjectures with patience in myself. A fact, human cannot run from doing any offence same goes to me too. I admit that I have done many bad things during this year, but ! I'll make sure that I will not repeat the same mistake in the upcoming year, 2012.

Alhamdulillah, this year brings me a lot of happiness. I achieved an excellent result for final examination and joined some competitions in this year.

2012, I have planned what I'm going to hit next, and I'll make sure that I'll hit the jackpot of my wishes.

Thanks to Allah again for giving me chance to 'see' next year, 2012 =D
Not to forget, a Happy New Year to all people that are in my lists =D and InsyaAllah your wishes may come true next year. Remember Allah always, because He never forgets you even a second.

Haha panjang tak ..

P/S Bukan nak showing off tapi nak letak dekat blog lah post azhunk, sebagai kenangan =D

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