Thoughts Of A Teenage Mind

by - December 02, 2010

sO what if i'm nOt as yOu expected!I'm different,
I'm nOt like yOu.
Is this a reasOn fOr me tO be neglected?
I dO my Own thing;tO me this wOrld is new.

My thOughts and OpiniOns are nOt tO yOur liking,
But I lOve hOw I am.I knOw you find my persOnality shOcking.
BUt i'm Only human.I dOn't want tO cOnfirm;
I like tO stand Out On this I stand stern,
To be an individual!

I shOut,But yOu try tO tie me dOwn,
Clip my wings,sO I cannOt fly.
If I cOnfOrm,all yOu'll see is my frOwn.
So what if I'm different!

lOve me fOr whO I am!
yOu dO knOw that I'm God sent,
But I feel as thOught my life is sham.
I'm nOt gOing tO change tO please yOu!!

yOu say I rebel,But is this really true?
sOmetimes my life feels like a living Hell!
whatever my crime,I refuse tO change.
I wOuld much rather serve my time,
I simply refuse tO listen tO a wOrd yOu say!

yOu just have tO deal.Take me as I am,Or leave me alOne.
I have the time tO kills yOu sit there deciding On hOw tO make
me yOur clOne,
But I am what I am,
And I'm cOmfOrtable with being myself,
I hate living this shame!lOving myself,
nOw that's the true key.

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