UPSR 2010

by - November 16, 2010

Congrats !!

Congratulation to those who achieved 5A's in UPSR 2010 .. i was so proud of my school because there are 50 students who got 5A's in UPSR this year (2010) .. Last year 47 so that's mean it's increasing :) .. unfortunately , it didn't reach the target yet , 70.. I've got 5A's and now, i need to give support to my sis, which is 11 years old now (2010) ..

To my bestfriend, Muhammad Azim .. He got 2A .. hum, i felt sorry to him .. anyways.., this is just beginning of your life, there are many chances for you to reach the success.. so keep on with your work.. always do your homework.. don't ignore your studies.. and put fully attention to your teacher ..

Those who gonna face UPSR next year (2011) .. Please make sure you make the preparation since now , cause there's no success without hard work .. Make sure all of you can achieve 5A's in UPSR soon .. And give your parents a big *proud* and don't disappoint your teachers, parents, families, and your friends !!

Study Hard, Study Smart ^_^

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