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by - September 27, 2010

This thing happened when i came back from school yesterday 26 September 2010. Okay! Since i've got may times now, i'm gonna tell my story from the start till end,

Okay, fresh morning!*
I woke up to get ready to go to school, so when i'm in the toilet, i saw my hair on the mirror, i was about "Oh No!" *Shocked*. Usually on Sunday (Yesterday) teacher held weekly assembly, so i was afraid because after the assembly, teacher will check each person's hair (Boy) . If long, the teacher will punish!

So i was confusing and afraid LOL, suddenly i saw a scissor in the toilet, so I quickly took the scissor and cut off my hair till short. Then after done, i was whispering in my heart (It's okay if the van[school bus] left me cause imma late) h0h0, nothing to be worried. I went school with my father.

At school, all students were standing in front of their classes, to wait alert for weekly assembly in the hall. Me (And all my classmates [boy]) were standing at the class corridor, and after about 15 mins waiting, an announcement : Weekly Assembly Today Cancelled! "WTH!?"

i was about guilty cause ruined my hair LOL! . *In the class*, my friend, Afiq (busmate&classmate) asked me, "Hey, the van come to your home this morning?" i replied "No?" we were about "lols"

Learning Session!
Back Home!

I've asked my other busmate, Aini , my classmate too. "Did the bus went to your home this morning?" She replied "lol, no la . he's fixing his van's engine," i was about, "Ooo" Then after the bell was ringing, we ran to buy refreshment at the stall outside my school. After bought and sit for secs, my friend , Afiq asked me to back home by walking which is 6 Kilometers!

Then we walked and chatted. If found any place to rest, we took rest for 1-5 mins, lol. then we like when on the Bridge which is 500 meters long. we walked and chatted lol, h0h0 what a tiring experience ever. when we were about 75% like this -----------------------We're here----Home. Got a couple like Arabian were asking us some questions like "Where do you live?","Wanna go where?","From where?" .Their son's same school with me! and they gave us a rode yesterday to home, i was about *Happy* h0h0, so reached home.

but what a tiring is when the journey to home! h0h0,

Zehe *My Nickname*

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