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by - July 26, 2010

Info+Family's Data xD~!

Full name: mohamad azhunk (azhan) bin awang
Age: 13 years old (now)
Hobby: playing badminton and computer games (sometimes making useless site for fun ;P)
Ambition: Lecturer
Favorite color: Green
Favorite drink: Horlick
Favorite food: Chicken chop
Favorite nets' site: habbo, gmail, ymail, facebook, hi5 and manymore xD
Favorite quotation: lols
Father's name: Awang bin Mat Ail
Mother's name: Marhaini binti Hassan
Siblings: 7
1~ Siti Norhafiza binti Awang + Fariz Rizal bin Mazlan(married) = Izz Hariz Danial Rizal bin Fariz Rizal(son)
2~ Norhafiz bin Awang
3~ Norhafizan binti Awang
4~ Mohamad Hafizi bin Awang
5~ Mohamad Hafizul bin Awang
6~ Mohamad Azhan bin Awang (me)
7~ Nur Aisyah Syafiqah binti Awang
Motto: Keep Going! (Go Green!)
Nickname: Azhunk/Hunk
*No sharing other personal information with people that i don't really know ^,~*

I love you my buddies xD! thanks for reading this haha, ;P

Hunk ♥^♥

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